Microtech2010 2010

SugarCube: An Online Tool for Investigating the Performance of Ready-Made Parameterized MEMS

P. Marepalli, J.V. Clark
Purdue University, US

Keywords: readymade-MEMS, library, user-friendly, efficient


We present an online tool - SugarCube which facilitates the parameterization of ready-made MEMS. Using this tool one can investigate the performance of parameterized MEMS which are available in the form of hierarchical libraries. This tool is made so simple that it does not require any programming, manual reading or expertise to use making it amenable to novices from all educational levels and also to experts who do not have time or desire to learn complex tools. This tool is available online at nanoHUB.org with remote computation. SugarCube is a front end of Sugar modeling and simulation engine. It has hierarchical library of commonly-used MEMS, many of which are previously published in literature. Once a user selects a system to explore, he can modify the parameters (geometric and material) and inspect the performance of the tool with these new conditions. Different kinds of analysis like static, transient and frequency are possible. The numerical results are plotted and the deflected MEMS is displayed. The data can be saved and downloaded.
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