Microtech2010 2010

Nanoporous hydrous RuO2 for electrochemical capacitors

H.S. Nam, J.K. Yoon, J.S. Kown, Y.I. Kim, J.M. Ko, J.D. Kim
Hanbat National University, KR

Keywords: supercapacitor, RuO2, nanoporous materials, electrodes


Nanoporous hydrous ruthenium oxide, RuO2∙χH2O, electrode was fabricated with an isotropic micellar phase of sodium dodecyl sulfate as a template. The nanoporous RuO2 had a large surface area up to 220 m2 g-1 which facilitated the proton’s accessibility into the electrode surface. The eletrochemical capacitor built using the nanoporous RuO2 electrode exhibited a maximum specific capacitance of 566 Fg-1 when cycled from 0.1 to 0.9 V vs saturated calomel electrode in a 1M sulfuric acid solution at a scan rate of 5mVs-1. The porous structure of the electrode reduced the ionic resistance of the electrode and increased the wetting behavior of electrolytes, allowing the electrode to provide a high energy storage density.
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