Microtech2010 2010

Simple vertical velocity measurement system for different use

M. Husak, J. Jakovenko
Czech Technical University in Prague, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, CZ

Keywords: sensors, pressure, vertical velocity, measurement, calculation, compensation


The measurement of vertical velocity is necessary for different use. The solutions are based on principle of evaluating the change of an atmospheric pressure. The dependence which evaluates the vertical velocity is derived from the exponential form of the barometric equation which relates the air pressure versus the altitude. This is relatively simple method but it has also some drawbacks that can not be omitted. First of all it is a nonlinearity of the exponential dependency of the pressure versus altitude. Also the air temperature plays a significant role in this method. Compensated methods for measuring the vertical velocity embrace the vertical velocity correction. The correction is calculated from the horizontal velocity change which induces another vertical velocity change. The acceleration is evaluated in the horizontal direction using the information about the dynamic pressure. The system solution is based on the basic equation for altitude calculation, including the effects of temperature. Problem of nonlinearity due to the exponential function of air pressure versus altitude is discussed in detail. The possibility of nonlinearity compensation using a complementary function, temperature compensation. New assets are represented by the new electronic circuit blocks.
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