Microtech2010 2010

Inkjet printing: From Nanoparticle to Bioreactors (invited presentation)

S. Magdassi
Hebrew University, IL

Keywords: inkjet, nanoparticles, conductive, inks


The lecture will describe our research activities which are based on forming micro and nanoparticles and droplets, while achieving new functionalities by inkjet printing of these materials. The main ink systems that will be presented are: microemulsion based ink for security printing, which converts into organic nanoparticles, conductive inks containing silver and copper nanoparticles for obtaining plastic electronics devices and solar cells, and thermal glass inks for the automotive industry. Once printed, the dispersed particles and droplets can self assemble, leading to unique structures, such as photonic crystals while the particles are monodispersed, or arrays of conductive rings. In these rings, the particles assembly led to a remarkable phenomena, sintering at room temperature, which enables forming a transparent conductive electrodes for plastic electroluminescent devices. Finally, the inkjet printing technology will be shown as a production tool, in which beads containing cells can be utilized as bioreactors for high throughput screening of DNA.
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