Microtech2010 2010

Economic and Job Impacts of Increased Efficiency in Existing Coal-Fired Power Plants

R.H. Bezdek, R.M. Wendling

Keywords: clean coal, plant efficiency, CO2 reduction, jobs


New Aspects of the Work: We estimated the incremental costs and benefits of coal power plant efficiency improvements and the economic and job implications of these. Conclusions and Main Results: Significant CO2 emissions could be avoided if the efficiency of existing coal-fired plants is improved, the efficiency improvements are cost effective, and the economic and job impacts of such an efficiency improvement program are strongly positive. This study (funded by the Department of Energy’s National Energy Technology Laboratory): • Discusses the factors affecting the operating efficiency of coal plants • Identifies feasible efficiency improvements • Estimates the costs of these improvements • Estimates the costs of a widespread coal power plant efficiency improvement (CPPEI) program • Assesses the impacts of the CPPEI program, including jobs • Discusses broader economic and employment implications
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