Microtech2010 2010

Modeling of Gate Leakage, Floating Body Effect, and History Effect in 32nm HKMG PD-SOI CMOS

Y. Deng, R.A. Rupani, J. Johnson, S. Springer

Keywords: PD-SOI, gate leakage, history, floating body effect, HKMG


The gate leakage, floating body effect, and history effect in 32nm HKMG PD-SOI CMOS have been extensively studied and analyzed. Based on the measured data, a comprehensive HKMG PD-SOI gate leakage model has been developed for PD-SOI circuit simulation and design. The simulation results from the model for the bias dependency of total gate leakage and floating-body voltage agreed with the experimental data very well. A good prediction on history effect in 32nm HKMG PD-SOI CMOS has also been achieved by the model.
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