Microtech2010 2010

Calculation of nano-carbon deposition condition in a methane or acetylene flame based on mechanisms of chemical transport reaction

L. Wang
Beijing Institute of Technology, CN

Keywords: carbon deposition, chemical transport reaction, simulation


The temperature range of the etching and deposition of nano-carbon were simulated from the chemical equilibrium calculations of methane and acetylene with oxygen, sulfur, chlorine as additives based on a mechanism of chemical transport reactions. The results showed that, a reduction of pressure would reduce the temperature range of the carbon deposition. The premary calculation results showed that, for the C-H system, the conditions for carbon deposition via the chemical reaction mechanism are: at an atmospheric condition (1 bar), the temperature range is 2800-1600 K, while at a vacuum condition (0.01 bar), the temperature range is 2000-1250 K. The above results agree well with the experimental data in literature of diamond synthesis by chemical vapor deposition at low pressure.
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