Microtech2010 2010

Using simulation and experiment to uncover the influence of material properties

O.A. Basaran, P.P. Bhat, S. Appathurai
Purdue University, US

Keywords: drop formation, wetting, satellites, drop impact, material properties


A combination of simulation and high-speed visualization is employed to study the formation and impact dynamics of ink jet drops. In the experiments as well as the simulations, wetting of the nozzle plate by the drop liquid and the formation of satellites in addition to the primary drops are also considered. To gain insights into the dynamics of drop formation, wetting, and drop impact, a series of Newtonian and viscoelastic fluids of varying properties are used. Additionally, simulations are also carried out to elucidate the contraction dynamics of idealized filaments which are precursors of satellite droplets. The experiments and simulations are used in concert to develop phase diagrams that delineate regions of the parameter spaces of interest where drops of desirable sizes and speeds can be successfully generated and deposited on substrates.
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