Microtech2010 2010

Silicon lid for hermetic encapsulation of electronics on implantable systems

P. Tathireddy, L. Rieth, A. Sharma, M. Wilke, M. Toepper, F. Solzbacher
University of Utah, US

Keywords: silicon lid, hermetic seal, implantable devices, wireless neural interfaces


Silicon based lid concept is established to hermetically encapsulate the active and passive electronic components on implantable biomedical devices. Research and development activities on microdevices for continuous in vivo monitoring have increased drastically during the past decade. Most of the implantable biosensors being developed contain electronic components for signal processing, telemetry and powering. Long term reliability of active biosensors inside the body depends on the performance of electronic components in harsh physiological environments. We present a general silicon based lid concept to hermetically encapsulate all the electronic components on biosensors yet allowing the necessary inductive power and wireless signal transmission to and from these components. The mechanical and electromagnetic requirements are considered in the design of the lid. As an example, the lid designed and fabricated for the Utah wireless neural interfaces is presented.
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