Microtech2010 2010

Operation Characteristics of 1.3KW Class Anode-Supported Flat Tubular SOFC Stack

T-H Lim, J-L Park, S-J Park, S-B Lee, R-H Song, D-R Shin
Korea Institute of Energy Research, KR

Keywords: solid oxide fuel cell, stack, flat tubular SOFC, anode-support, unit bundle


KIER has fabricated anode-supported flat tubular SOFC stack for the intermediate temperature (700~800°C) operation. For this purpose, we have first fabricated anode-supported flat tubular cells by the optimization between the current collecting method and the induction brazing process. After that we designed the compact fuel & air manifold by adopting the simulation technique to uniformly supply fuel & air gas and the unique seal & insulation method to make the more compact stack. For making stack, the prepared anode-supported flat tubular cells with effective electrode area of 108cm2 connected in series with 37 modules, in which one module consists of two cells connected in parallel. The performance of stack in 3% humidified H2 and air at 800°C showed maximum power of 1.3kW.
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