Microtech2010 2010

Label-Free, Electrical Detection of the SARS Virus N-Protein with Nanowire Biosensors Utilizing Antibody Mimics as Capture Probes

H.K. Chang, F. Ishikawa, P.C. Chiang, C. Zhou
University of Southern California, US

Keywords: antibody mimic protein, nanowire biosensor, SARS N protein


In this report, we introduce evolved AMPs as a new class of capture agents for nanowire/nanotube biosensors, and demonstrate selective detection of a protein related to severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS), using devices based on In2O3 nanowires. A fibronectin-based protein (Fn) was employed as an example of AMP capture agent to selectively recognize and bind the nucleocapsid (N) protein. The N protein is a biomarker associated with the SARS coronavirus. Our platform is capable of specifically detecting the N protein at sub-nanomolar concentrations, in the presence of 44 uM bovine serum albumin as a background. This sensitivity, while comparable to current immunological detection methods, can be obtained in a relatively short time and without the aid of any signal amplifier, such as fluorescence labeled reagents. Ultimately, we show that our platform can also be used to accurately determine the dissociation constant of the N protein and Fn by applying a conventional Langumir model to the concentration-dependent sensing response.
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