Microtech2010 2010

Overcoming Intermittency Challenges with Large-Scale Energy Storage Systems

C. Coe
Xtreme Power, US

Keywords: energy storage, grid integration, smart grid, battery


Utilities and independent power producers have long searched for ways to make the power grid more flexible and to integrate renewable energy onto the grid. However, clean energy sources are historically plagued with intermittency issues, creating nationwide challenges for smart grid implementation. For the smart grid to reach its full potential, we must utilize equally smart storage technologies to seamlessly deliver clean power, especially during peak operating times. Large-scale solar energy storage systems comprise a truly disruptive solution for the aforementioned problems facing renewable energy integration to the grid, decoupling power generation and grid operations from peak power demand. When utilized in conjunction with wind and PV systems, this technology converts variable, destabilizing renewable power output from clean energy farms to firm, stabilizing dispatchable power sources. Texas-based Xtreme Power has developed a system that offers a more effective use of existing power generation and distribution resources, conservation of energy, and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, leading to potential improvement of overall grid operations of 20% or more.
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