Microtech2010 2010

Tunable Nanoporous Carbon Based Supercapacitors

R. Dash, O. Kramarenko, L. Weinstein, P. Simon, Y. Gogotsi
Y-Carbon, Inc., US

Keywords: nanoporous carbon, supercapacitor, nanotechnology


Y-Carbon’s tunable nanoporous carbon, based on its proprietary Carbide-Derived Carbon technology, offers carbon electrodes whose pore size can be tuned to specific electrolytes for use in supercapacitors. Such material has shown high capacitance and low resistance, and can be advantageous in high-energy, high-power applications. Experimental evidence will be shown that the pore size to ion size ratio determines the efficiency of electrochemical energy storage systems. In addition to pore size control, Y-Carbon’s simple and scalable technology allows control of structure and offers high accessible surface area and a wide range of structures that can be potentially useful in various electrochemical storage devices, including supercapacitors and batteries. Y-Carbon’s award winning technology (R&D 100 Award, TR35 Award and NANO 50TM) is currently in the stage of prototype development on application front and in the stage of process scale-up of carbon material.
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