Microtech2010 2010

Overview of Photovoltaic R&D Trends and DuPont Focus Areas

T.R. Earnest Jr., J.A. Sternberg
DuPont Photovoltaic Solutions (DPVS), US

Keywords: photovoltaics, DuPont focus areas


DuPont is a leading materials and technology supplier to the photovoltaic industry, with more than 25 years of experience in materials development, application know-how, manufacturing expertise and global market access. DuPont Photovoltaics Solutions (DPVS) represents a broad and growing portfolio of innovations for the industry. DPVS offerings are designed to provide high energy conversion efficiency, long lifetimes for solar modules, and high productivity for PV module makers. DuPont’s R&D activities are aligned with identification of new innovations in the key focus areas of the PV industry – better performance, longer life times, and lower overall systems cost. Most of our current business exists in materials supporting the crystalline silicon module market, although our presence in materials for thin-film modules is growing. Our R&D efforts are broad-based and addressing the market needs across the PV technology spectrum, including emerging technologies such as CPV. Furthermore, the scope of research activities encompasses a variety of holistic, systems-based solutions, in addition to improvements to our traditional materials offerings. An overview of DuPont R&D activities and how it aligns with the trends in the PV industry will be presented. Specific programs will be highlighted, with a special emphasis on those incorporating nanotechnology.
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