Nanotech Innovation in Nuclear Technologies

Steven Winston

Steven Winston

Steven Winston & Associates

With nearly 40 years of experience in various aspects of nuclear power, Steve has served in a variety of senior management roles for major companies. Currently providing a diverse range of technical advisory services to select clients, he served as the Vice President of Management and Technical Integration during Lockheed Martin Idaho Technologies Company’s tenure as M&O contractor for the Idaho National Engineering Laboratory (now INL). He also served as Vice President for Parsons Engineering, as Vice President and General Manager of AWC-Lockheed (a wholly owned Lockheed subsidiary), and as Manager of Power Plant Design Engineering for Westinghouse Electric Corporation.

Steve is a chemical engineer/nuclear engineer with experience in nuclear fuel reprocessing (at the Idaho Chemical Processing Plant), has conducted Probabilistic Risk Assessments of nuclear power stations, has participated in the development of advanced thermal hydraulics codes (RETRAN), and has overseen major first-of-a-kind research and engineering projects for Westinghouse, Lockheed Martin, and the US Department of Energy. He has managed diverse large-scale projects ranging from disposition of transuranic wastes to design of entire power plants.

Steve is currently a leading proponent of exploring the intersection of nanotechnology and nuclear sciences. This includes the instigation of research in nanoscale methods for accelerator production of medical isotopes, nanostructured prodrugs for targeted alpha therapy and brachytherapy, the use of novel nanostructures and nanomethods to produce lightweight shielding for satellites and nuclear propulsion systems, and a broad array of nanomaterials applications as potential responses to long standing challenges in the safe and efficient production of nuclear energy.

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