Smart Grid

Smart Grid

Confirmed Invited Speakers

Lorie WigleLorie Wigle
General Manager, Eco-Technology Program Office
Intel Corporation
Thierry GodartThierry Godart
President, Smart Grid Division
Siemens Infrastructure and Cities
Bill LawrenceBill Lawrence
Chief Technologist, Energy & Cyber Services
Lockheed Martin Corp.

Symposium Sessions

Monday May 13

2:00Innovation Spotlights: Defense & Energy
4:00Innovation Spotlights: Materials & Energy

Tuesday May 14

Power Grid & Distribution - Posters 1:30
4:00Grid & Power Distribution
4:00Innovation Spotlights: Energy Storage & Efficiency

Wednesday May 15

8:30Energy Storage: Supercapacitors & Magnetic Storage I
9:00DOE Industry Collaborations with the National Laboratories - Special Session
11:00Energy Storage: Supercapacitors & Magnetic Storage II
11:00How National User Research Facilities Can Give Your Company an Advantage - Special Session
2:00Innovation Spotlights: Energy Management & Security
4:00Innovation Spotlights: Renewable & Novel Energy

Symposium Program

Monday May 13

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2:00Innovation Spotlights: Defense & EnergyPotomac 2
Session chair: Ron Beech, Angstron Materials, Reviewers: Boeing, Capewell, Navy
2:00Boeing - Strategic Innovation Interests
T. Metoyer, Boeing, US (bio)
2:15Capewell - Strategic Innovation Interests
I. Boerenko, Capewell, US (bio)
2:30Navy - Strategic Innovation Interests
C. Tindal, U.S. Navy, US (bio)
3:00Solar Fuel Corporation: Converting Sun, Water and CO2 to hydrogen or syngas
K. Bowles, Solar Fuel Corporation, US
3:07NSPECT Portable Imaging Neutron and Gamma-Ray Spectrometer (NSPECT)
T. Carrier, University of New Hampshire Office for Research Partnerships and Commercialization, US
3:14Therm-E-Log - Visual,Temperature Exposure History Logger
U. Sampathkumaran, InnoSense LLC, US
3:21Conductive Composites
G. Hansen, Conductive Composites Company, US
3:28Optical True-Time-Delay (TTD) Devices for Phased Array Systems
P. Morton, Morton Photonics Inc, US
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4:00Innovation Spotlights: Materials & EnergyPotomac 2
Session chair: Thomas Martinuzzo, Univalor, CA, Reviewers: Lockheed Martin, SK Innovation, SABIC
4:00Lockheed Martin - Strategic Innovation Interests
T. Earles, Lockheed Martin, US (bio)
4:15SK Innovation - Strategic Innovation Interests
Y.K. Lee, SK Innovation, SK (bio)
4:30Sabic - Strategic Innovation Interests
J. Amarasekera, SABIC, US (bio)
5:00Scalable Biosurfactant Synthesis
B. Berger, Lehigh University, US
5:07CarbonFlex, Flexible Composite Material
W. Loux, Arizona Technology Enterprises (ASU), US
5:14Structural color optical reflecting microplatelets
B. Wang, Svaya Nanotechnologies, US
5:21Bio-based chemicals from waste-derived syngas
L. Dyson, Kiverdi, Inc., US

Tuesday May 14

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Power Grid & Distribution - Posters 1:30Expo Hall A
-Self-Sufficient Smart-Grid Sensor Nodes and Architecture
J. Carland, A. Oberbeck, M. Umeda, J. Cumming, T. Wilkey, M. Fripp, A. Kuh, D. Garmire, University of Hawaii at Manoa, US
-Infrared Sensor Interference Isolation for Low-Cost Three-Dimensional Anemometers
J. Hirano, D. Garmire, University of Hawaii at Manoa, US
-Thermodynamic Availability Sources from Inertial Energy
A. Celorio-Villasenor, NATURBO Technology Centers, MX
-Rapid Prototyping of Self-Sufficient Environmental Sensor Modules using Laser-Cut Parts
M. Umeda, N. Parks, A. Oberbeck, A. Kuh, D. Garmire, University of Hawaii at Manoa, US
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4:00Grid & Power DistributionChesapeake 11-12
4:00National Assessment of Energy Storage for Grid Balancing and Arbitrage
M. Kintner-Meyer, P. Balducci, C. Jin, T. Nguyen, M. Elizondo, V. Viswanathan, Y. Zhang, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, US
4:20Demand-Side Response from Industrial Loads
M. Starke, D. Letto, N. Alkadi, R. George, B. Johnson, K. Dowling, S. Khan, ENBALA Power Networks, CA
4:40Bridging the Legacy and the Smart Grid: the Power Continuity Unit
R. Lank, S. Trivedi, DERP Technologies, LLC, US
5:00Directly Coupled(r) Direct Current Microgrids
P. Savage, J. Daudert, Nextek Power Systems, US
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4:00Innovation Spotlights: Energy Storage & EfficiencyPotomac 1
Session chair: Imre Gyuk, U.S. Department of Energy, Reviewers: Shell, ABB, Siemens, Ingersoll Rand
4:00Shell GameChanger - Strategic Innovation Interests
J. Fok, Shell, NL (bio)
4:15ABB - Strategic Innovation Interests
A.L. Goodson, ABB Inc., US (bio)
4:30Siemens - Strategic Innovation Interests
F. Arman, Siemens, US (bio)
4:45Ingersoll Rand - Strategic Innovation Interests
S. McBride, Ingersoll Rand, US (bio)
5:15Very High Capacity Silicon Graphene Composite Li-ion Anode Material
P. Roberts, California Lithium Battery Inc., US
5:22Advanced Lithium Ion Battery Materials
J. Caldwell, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, US

Wednesday May 15

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8:30Energy Storage: Supercapacitors & Magnetic Storage IWoodrow Wilson D
Session chair: Gary Yang, UniEnergy Technologies, LLC, US
8:30High Performance Supercapacitors Based on Thermal Reduced Graphene Oxide
D. Perego, S. Franz, M. Bestetti, C. Borioli, Politecnico di Milano, IT
8:50Synthesis and Electrochemical Properties of Hierarchical Nanoporous Carbon Architectures
S.K. Nune, P. Meduri, J.P. Lemmon, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, US
9:10Pseudocapacitive random and aligned nano-porous electrode materials for supercapacitors
B. Saruhan, Y. Gönüllü, B. Arndt, German Aerospace Center, DE
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9:00DOE Industry Collaborations with the National Laboratories - Special SessionPotomac 4-5
-M. Paulus, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, US (bio)
-K. Edmonds, U.S. Department of Energy, US
-C. Bybee, ARCH Venture Partners, US (bio)
-B. Farris, National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), US (bio)
-R. Werne, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, US (bio)
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11:00Energy Storage: Supercapacitors & Magnetic Storage IIWoodrow Wilson D
Session chair: Gary Yang, UniEnergy Technologies, LLC, US
11:00Three-dimensional Core@Shell Nano-Array Electrodes for Integrated Lithium-Ion Microbatteries
Y. Mao, X. Sun, Q. Li, Y. Lv, University of Texas-Pan American, US
11:20Flexible and Turnable Biomimetic Pyruvate Dehydrogenase Complex (PDC) Supercapacitors
J. Thornton, C. Christelle, E.T. Chen, Advanced Biomimetic Sensors, Inc., US
11:40Novel Electrolytes for Supercapacitors
F. Stiemke, B. Blumenröder, T.J.S. Schubert, IOLITEC Ionic Liquids Technologies Inc., US
12:00Synthesis and characterization of Al-Al2O3/PVDF core-shell nanodieletrics for energy storage
N. Badi, R. Mekala, University of Houston, US
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11:00How National User Research Facilities Can Give Your Company an Advantage - Special SessionPotomac 4-5
Session chair: Cheryl Fragiadakis, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, US
-A. Norman, United Technologies Research Center, US (bio)
-B. Brown, U.S. Department of Energy, US (bio)
-S. Petrash, Henkel Adhesive Technologies, US (bio)
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2:00Innovation Spotlights: Energy Management & SecurityPotomac 2
Session chair: Sahir Surmeli, Mintz, Levin, Cohn, Ferris, Glovsky and Popeo, P.C., US, Reviewers: Intel, Lockheed Martin, Siemens
2:00Intel - Strategic Innovation Interests
L. Wigle, Intel Corporation, US (bio)
2:15Lockheed Martin - Strategic Innovation Interests
B. Lawrence, Lockheed Martin, US
2:30Siemens - Strategic Innovation Interests
T. Godart, Siemens, US (bio)
3:00MEMS-based Pyroelectric Thermal Energy Scavenger
D. Sims, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, US
3:07Efficient low-cost micro-grids utilitizing photovoltaics and battery storage
P. Bundschuh, Ideal Power Converters, US
3:14VHF Power Conversion
B. McGowan, FINsix, US
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4:00Innovation Spotlights: Renewable & Novel EnergyPotomac 2
Session chair: Purnesh Seegopaul, Pangaea Ventures & Gary Yang, UniEnergy Technologies, LLC, US
4:00Innovative blade design creating efficient and affordable micro grids.
J. Janiuk, Firefly Power LLC, US
4:07Black Silicon Etching: Efficient and Inexpensive PV Technology
E. Payne, National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), US
4:14Improved Electrolyte for Fuel Cells
W. Loux, Arizona Technology Enterprises, US
4:21Efficiency-Boosting Laminate for Solar Cells and Modules
S. Vasylyev, Lucent Optics, US
4:28A stable and active low-cost catalyst for the replacement of platinum
M. Weber, McGill University, CA
D. Mather, MTPV Power Corporation, US
4:42SiEnergy Systems
M. Tsuchiya, SiEnergy Systems, LLC, US

Special Symposium

Innovations in smart grid and infrastructure have significant potential for improving the efficiency and reliability of electrical power supplies while incorporating renewable energy sources and increasing customer choice.

The Cleantech 2013 Smart grid and infrastructure symposium will highlight advanced and emerging technologies including smart grid innovations, intelligent metering and monitoring, and novel materials, devices and design for distributed generation, energy transmission and storage.

In common with many symposia at Cleantech 2013 and Nanotech 2013 this event will include sessions focused on business and implementation of smart grid and infrastructure (sharing of best practices, demonstration projects and case studies), and will also include sessions highlighting technical innovations which may lead to future breakthroughs.

Topics & Application Areas

  • Novel Materials for Energy Transmission & Storage
  • Smart Grid Advancements & Integration
  • Grid Storage
  • Novel Transmission Technologies
  • Distributed Generation
  • Renewable Integration
  • Frequency Regulation Technologies
  • Sensing & Monitoring Devices
  • Quality & Reliability
  • Transmission & Distribution Planning & Management
  • Other

Technical Abstract Submission

Please first review the information for authors as well as the abstract preparation guidelines.


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