NanoFibrillar Cellulose (NFC) - an emerging material for large-scale applications

T. Lindström, M. Ankerfors, C. Aulin
Innventia AB, SE

Keywords: nanocellulose, microfibrillar cellulose, binanocomposite, biobarriers


There has been extensive research and development activities in the field of nanocellulosic materials during recent years, although microfibrillated cellulose was developed already during the late 70s at ITT-Rayonnier in USA. A major impediment for the large-scale use of NFC has been the high-energy use (excess of 25000 kWh/ton NFC) for its production use. This problem has now been alleviated by a series of different pre-treatment procedures of the fibers prior to the subsequent mechanical cell wall delamination. Today, there are many companies in the process of commercializing MFC and several pilot plants are available and companies are planning up-scaling. A pilot plant for the nominal production of 100 kg/day (dry based NFC) has also been taken into operation at Innventia AB. The current contribution will highlight critical issues in the production of NFC and discuss various applications and hurdles to overcome in order to make NFC production for various end-use applications viable.