All-solid-state thin film batteries – Processing and properties

J. Feng, J. Zhu, K. Zeng, L. Lu
National University of Singapore, SG

Keywords: thin film battery, all-solid-state battery, deposition


Miniaturization and low power comsumption of modern electronic devices such as laboratory-on-chip or system-on-ship, and micro- and nano-devices requires only small power supply units. Therefore all-solid-state thin film microbatteries become important in those applications. We have successfully developed all-solid-state thin film batteries in the thickness of a few micrometers by both pulsed laser deposition and sputtering techniques. The structures and electrochemical performance of the thin film electrodes are strongly dependent of processing parameters such as oxygen partial pressure and deposition temperature. In addition the relationship between thin film structure, deposition parameters and electrochemical properties of thin film electrodes, mechanical integarity is also studied in this work. Since charge/discharge is associated with Li ions’ transportation between different electrodes, changes in volume of the electrodes are induced, causing a serious consequences such as change in Li ions’ transportation rate due mainly to mechanical constrain, interfacial failure and even generation of cracks on the film. This research provides some preliminary results on the interfacial property after electrical cycling of the electrodes.