Dye degradation by heterogeneous Fenton like reaction using carbon-Fe2O3 catalysts

N. Klaikaew, P. Prompinit, K. Boonpavanitchakul, W. Kangwansupamonkon
National Nanotechnology Center, TH

Keywords: Fenton like, advanced oxidative process, activated carbon, iron oxide nanoparticles


Dye degradation was studied by using activated carbon-Fe2O3 as catalysts in the heterogeneous Fenton-like reaction. The catalysts were prepared by wet impregnation of Fe2O3 nanoparticles on the activated carbon and characterized by XRD, BET and SEM-EDXS. The effects of reaction parameters (catalyst loading, calcination temperature, reaction time, operating temperature and hydrogen peroxide concentration) on the dye removal were evaluated. Methylene blue solution at 100 ppm was used as model organic contaminants and the dye degradation was investigated by using UV-Vis spectrophotometer. The results showed that more than 95% of dye removal in 90 minutes could be achieved in presence of hydrogen peroxide at 25 mM, 5 g/l of activated carbon-Fe2O3, pH 6.5 and 50 C. The stability of the catalyst was also investigated by recycle experiments.