Energy Storage for Intermittent Renewable Electricity in Alberta, Canada

M. Summers, S. Singh, E. Isaacs
Alberta Innovates -- Energy and Environment Solutions, CA

Keywords: energy storage, renewable energy, technology development


The Province of Alberta in western Canada is the largest supplier of crude oil and natural gas to the United States. It has extensive renewable energy resources which have the potential to augment its extensive hydrocarbon resources and to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions, especially in the power generation sector. In order to fulfill this potential, it is necessary to develop and deploy novel technologies that would store and dispatch wind and solar power on-demand. Energy storage technologies are of critical importance for enabling widespread deployment of intermittent renewable electricity on a stable electrical grid. Technologies such as compressed air energy storage, advanced lithium batteries, flow batteries, and cryogenic energy storage offer the potential to store electrical energy temporarily for when power is needed. Supporting the development and deployment of such technologies is a strategic priority of Alberta Innovates – Energy and Environment Solutions (AI-EES), which is the technology arm of the Government of Alberta in the areas of energy and environment. This presentation will outline AI-EES’s strategy for the development of energy storage technologies in the province of Alberta and highlight examples of related activities that AI-EES has been involved in.