“The 2013 NCMS-NSF Nanotechnology Industry Commercialization Readiness Study Project”

M. Mehta
National Center for Manufacturing Sciences (NCMS), US

Keywords: nanotechnology, survey, commercialization, benchmarking, manufacturing, new products, processes


The National Center for Manufacturing Sciences (NCMS), a not-for-profit consortium of over 350 corporations, has conducted three consecutive nanotechnology readiness assessment surveys of the U.S. manufacturing industry in 2003, 2006 and 2009. The overarching objective was to track the evolution of entrepreneurial initiatives and nanotechnology products. These studies are the largest cross-industry assessments of nanotechnology commercialization readiness, involving senior executives across key industry sectors, including aerospace, automotive, defense, energy, instrumentation, materials and medical manufacturers. The 2009-10 NCMS study indicated nanotechnology products are fast becoming commonplace in many niche applications, and that large U.S. nanotechnology corporations weathered the recent economic crisis through consolidation and vertical integration. Under a new NSF award, NCMS will launch its fourth nanotechnology readiness survey project in spring 2013, specifically aimed at benchmarking commercialization best practices amongst large U.S.-based manufacturers over 20 strategic metrics of readiness, including scalability, collaboration, open-innovation, integration and new product introduction based on nanotechnology. The proposed presentation will include preliminary results and highlights regarding key application sectors, collaboration patterns, infrastructure attributes, common industry concerns, commercialization timelines and foreign competition. Such information is essential for maintaining the United States leadership in nanotechnology innovation and commercialization.