Nanotech's Value to the Oil and Gas Industry

N. Krishnamurthy
Lux Research, US

Keywords: oil, gas, nanotech


The oil and gas industry faces unprecedented challenges replacing reserves, even as fracking and enhanced recovery open up new resources. Key nanotech applications such as targeted delivery and sensing offer possible solutions across the emerging enhanced recovery and monitoring space. How does nanotech advance cleantech in Oil & Gas? And how would we characterize the Oil & Gas industry’s experience with nanotech? While nanotech has yielded quantifiable benefits in some segments in Oil & Gas, in other segments, the value of nanotech remains to be proven. What factors accelerate the adoption of nanotech within Oil & Gas? What nanotech ideas can this industry extract from other industries? As new technologies emerge, nanotech is poised to support key value drivers in resource characterization, operational efficiency, regulatory compliance, and other contributors to the competitive strength of industry participants.