Advanced Materials and Systems - Modern Industrial Research with Partners

J. Rieger
BASF, Advanced Materials & Research - Technology Incubation, DE

Keywords: advanced materials, innovation


The key challenges of our time include development of sustainable supply of energy, housing, water and food, as well as resources to keep pace with healthcare needs for our growing and aging population. These tremendous challenges are driving forces for the generation of innovative materials and systems in a chemical company like BASF. As inspiration is the prerequisite for innovation, it is essential for modern industrial research to have access to imagination and innovation coming from different sources, internal as well as external ones, in the quest for new research ideas. Academia offers an exhaustless pool of external ideas. The flexibility and research freedom of academia makes universities the perfect breeding ground for ingenuity, with potential innovations often emerging as a by-product of fundamental research. In close cooperation with leading universities BASF cultivates these innovative thoughts and generates a deeper scientific basis and understanding of future materials and systems. The talk will give an overview about how the spirit of creativity is cultivated within BASF´s research activities and how “Open Innovation” is integrated into R&D processes.