Discovering Strategic Innovations through Tactical Research

J. Belfiore
IHS Goldfire, US

Keywords: oil, gas, nanotech


The process of innovation often involves creating applications for new technologies that originate outside of a specific industry. The discovery process is challenging, especially when new technologies emerge in industries that, on the surface, bear no similarities or synergies to the need at hand. The discovery process is hampered by several factors including: 1) difficulties in identifying functional and parametric alignment between new technologies and industrial requirements and 2) tendencies in applied research to focus tightly on current-state configurations at the expense of innovative and optimized future-state configurations which would be more likely to align to applications of new technologies. We find that this is certainly the case with nanotechnologies, as new nano-materials, machines, and capabilities are being developed far faster than industrial applications can leverage. IHS Goldfire is a unique platform for innovative research and analysis. Goldfire is powered by advanced semantic analysis and integrated innovation methodologies including TRIZ and Value Engineering. It enables contextual research using semantic lenses to fundamentally change how research is performed, enabling rapid identification of concepts within contexts. When applied to discovering applications of nanotechnology to solve specific industrial problems (such as those within the oil & gas sector), it greatly reduces the time required to both discover application synergies and design future-state solutions. In this presentation, we will show how applying innovation research methodologies and technology in a simple, tactical manner can identify and direct strategic alignments of nanotechnologies to current challenges in the oil & gas sector and other industries.