Rapid Prototyping of Self-Sufficient Environmental Sensor Modules using Laser-Cut Parts

M. Umeda, N. Parks, A. Oberbeck, A. Kuh, D. Garmire
University of Hawaii at Manoa, US

Keywords: smart grid, sensor module, laser cutting, rapid prototyping


We have developed a self-sufficient environmental sensor module using rapid-prototyping techniques to accurately and continually detect current environmental conditions at 15-second resolution including solar insolation, temperature, humidity, pressure, and location data. These sensor modules address the growing need to predict solar energy fluctuations that can jeopardize our electrical grid due to the increasing integration of intermittent renewable energy generation into our energy infrastructure. Rapid prototyping was achieved by employing off-the-shelf modular sensor units and a low-cost, easily replicable digital design to accommodate future plans for mass deployment of these sensor modules across numerous campus rooftops.