Ultrafast synthesis of nanomaterials using microwave

X. Zhang
Auburn University, US

Keywords: microwave, nanomaterial, carbon nanotube


Nanomaterials, such as carbon nanotubes (CNT), metal oxides, and polymers, possess superior mechanical, thermal and electrical properties, lead to broad applications in composite materials, smart structures, chemical sensors, energy storage and nano-electronic devices. However, the high cost and difficulty in getting large scale, high quality nanomaterials remain challenges. We demonstrate for the first time an affordable and scalable microwave approach for the direct growth of CNT, nanostructured metal oxides on a wide range of substrates, including carbon fibers, glass fibers, Kevlar, fly ash, Kaolin, and Basalt fibers. The microwave initiated nanomaterial growth will take only 20-30 seconds under the microwave irradiation at room temperature in the air, no need of any inert gas protection, and additional feed stock gases, usually required in CVD approach.