Study of Composition Changes in Nanoparticles during Gas Loaded LENR Power Cell Operation

A. Osouf, K. Weichman, B. Stunkard, T. Patel, E. Ziehm, K. Lee, K. Kyu-Jung, G. Miley
University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, US

Keywords: LENR, composition, nanoparticles


Our Low Energy Nuclear Reaction power cell unit uses high pressures gas to cause LENR reactions in a bed of alloy nanoparticles. The build-up of nuclear transmutations producing new elements eventually affects the reaction rates and ultimately limits run times. For favourable economics, run times of 6 months or more are desired. Our experiments use pressurization (50-100 psi) of various nanoparticle alloys with either deuterium or hydrogen. We will present the results obtained from a study of composition changes in the nanoparticles following runs using a Time of Flight SIMS (TOFS) technique for the measurement. So far, the technique has revealed various elements in post-run particles that were not present in the unused nanoparticles. The interpretation of the changes in some elements is still under evaluation. For example, some like Cr and Fe may be contamination from our stainless steel chamber during high temperature operation. Still others are possible to be due to the LENR transmutations and not contamination. Our preliminary measurements imply changes in calcium for example. Our poster will present additional and more advanced results of our imaging. Implications will also be discussed.