Adsorption kinetics of the Ruthenium-dyes onto TiO2 for dye sensitized solar cells (DSSC)

T.C.-K. Yang, S-F Wang
National Taipei University of Technology, TW

Keywords: adsorption, kinetics, equilibrium, dye-sensitive solar cells, IR spectra


Comprehensive understanding in the adsorption mechanism of the dyes on to the nanocrystalline TiO2, which contributes with amount of electrons injection from sensitizer molecules to semiconductors, is the first step to enhance a cell performance. The adsorption isotherms of the commercial dye N719 onto titanium dioxides were examined. Langmuir isotherm data supported the evidence that the amount of N719 dye absorbed onto the TiO2 was enhanced by the increase of the soaking temperature. In addition, the time-dependent adsorption data was best fitted with the pseudo-second order kinetic model. In-situ diffusive reflectance IR reveals the microscopic structural binding linkage modes and bonding strength between dye and TiO2 working electrode. These studies provide new insight on the dye adsorption procedure for enhancement of the fabrication techniques of working electrodes for DSSCs.