Nanostructured PVA Anion Exchange Membranes for Enhanced Performance of Fuel Cells

H. Aglan, K. Sharmin, S. Sultana
Tuskegee University, US

Keywords: fomulation, anion conductivity, liquid silica nanoparticles


A novel alkaline polymer anion exchange membrane (AEM) was formulated based on poly (vinyl alcohol) with dinonylnaphthalenedisulfonic acid with different contents and KOH doping. The ionic conductivity was measured using electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS) as a function of acid content and KOH concentration. Liquid silica nanoparticles were infused to the 15% acid solution to study their effect on the ionic conductivity and mechanical property. The 5% liquid silica membranes achieved the highest ionic conductivity of 0.22 S/cm. The modified AEMs showed lower mechanical strength compared to neat PVA; however, the strength increased with the addition of liquid silica. Thermal analysis revealed that the AEMs were thermally stable up to 220°C. A membrane electrode assembly (MEA) was fabricated by hot pressing and evaluated.