Development antioxidants synthesized by phase transfer catalysts for lubricating oil

N. Elmehbad
Nagran University, SA

Keywords: phase transfer catalysts, lube oil, antioxidants


The oxidation stability of lubricating oil has a critical influence on the oil performance during service. In this paper dibenzyl-S-phenyl thioglyconitrile and other derivative were prepared by phase transfer catalysts and investigated as antioxidants. These compounds were added to oil in different concentrations. The antioxidants activities of different dosages were evaluated and suggested mechanism according to micelle and its thermodynamics. The oxidation of the oil has been carried for different time intervals. The degradation of the oil has been monitored by total acid formation. Oxidation stability of lube oil was largely affected by sulphur and aromatic hydrocarbons concentration in oil, with increased sulphur content increase oxidation stability. The prepared compounds gave higher oxidation stability than imported compound ( IRCANOX L 135- CIBA).