Multifunctional Materials for Oil and Gas Applications

Dr. Vinod Veedu, Dr. Venkat Kamavaram, Dr. Ganesh Arumugam, Dr. Ashavani Kumar, Mr. Sumil Thapa
Oceanit, US

Keywords: Nanite, cement, coating


The current paper will discuss two novel materials: Nanite™ (self-sensing concrete) and Anhydra (technology to develop surfaces with extreme wetting behavior). Nanite™ transforms the power and possibilities of cementitious materials when used in design, building, function and maintenance. Cement barrier provides zonal isolation between geologic strata and structural support of the wellbore and casing. Information about the cure state of downhole cement and the quality of the pipe-cement interface is critical to wellbore integrity assessment. Nanite™ shows significant promise as self-sensing cement for oil and gas casing application. Anhydra is a durable superhydrophobic coating that prevents corrosion, biofouling, running rust and performs consistently under highly corrosive environments. Anhydra has performance capabilities that are beneficial to the oil and gas industries as it provides a fabrication process that results in permanent, high water repellency; a highly scalable method that can be utilized on metallic substrates of any size and shape and stable performance over wide temperature and pressure ranges. Other benefits of Anhydra coating include reduction in drag resistance, improvement in wire to water efficiency, reduction in hydrate formation and prevention of water penetration and corrosion.