MC10 Portable/Wearable High Efficiency Solar Modules

B. Ives
MC10 Inc, US

Keywords: solar, interconnect, wearable, stretchable, portable, flexible


MC10 takes rigid high performance inorganic electronics and reshapes them into human compatible forms that bend, twist and stretch with the human body and flexible platforms. We have developed novel CMOS-compatible conformal fabrication, packaging and integration technology for lightweight, wearable gear-integrated high efficiency solar arrays for warfighters. Processing technology is manufacturable and scalable. Solar modules are packaged into helmet and rucksack covers for warfighters and wings of unmanned air vehicles (UAV); they will augment/displace batteries for warfighter missions, and extend UAV mission range. Packaging technology is agnostic to photovoltaic cell fabrication technology and different kinds of components can be integrated. The core technology is based on four pillars: extreme device thinning (solar cells are ~30 microns thick), handling of thin die using elastomeric printing techniques, embedding into elastomers and flexible metallized interconnects. The interconnect strategy is broadly applicable to a wide range of flexible wearable systems that can be integrated with textiles, worn on the body and other flexible platforms or integrated with medical devices.