Sustainability Stations

M. Guadalupe Morales

Keywords: water harvesting


The Sustainability Stations is a project focused in solve Mexico City´s problem of lack of water and inundations. Both situations are related to the water extraction from the water table, being the principal source of the city´s water in a 71%. The extraction causes different subsidence’s in the entire city that goes from 5cm to 30cm per year. These subsidence´s also cause the city´s inundations, because the sewerage network doesn´t have any more the slope necessary for the eviction of the wastewater. This Project will allow 2,700 residents, which equals to 680 dwellings in Mexico City, to have water, and it will also increase the recycling residues percent in the city. All these will be reflected in a better life quality of habitants, making the project a detonator for replying it in more points in the city.