Thermal Energy Storage: A Vital element in our Energy Future

M. MacCracken
CALMAC Manufacturing Corp., US

Keywords: thermal energy storage


If our society is going to successfully reduce our dependence on fossil fuels, which are forms of stored energy, with renewable sources of energy, we cannot continue to ignore the “storage” aspect of what we are replacing. There are many viable and vital forms of energy storage that need to be embraced in our energy future. Thermal Energy Storage, used for Off-Peak Cooling of buildings, has a long history around the world with over 7,000 commercial installations in 40 countries. By storing cooling at night, in the form of ice or chilled water, and using it during the day to cool the buildings, major reductions in on-peak electric demand, energy costs, and energy are realized. Lessons learned from the commercialization of this type of storage should help in the commercialization of other forms of storage.