Energy Storage & Novel Generation

Energy Storage & Novel Generation

Confirmed Invited Speakers

Imre  GyukImre Gyuk
Program Manager, Energy Storage Research
U.S. Department of Energy
Nitash P  BalsaraNitash P Balsara
Founder, Seeo; Professor of Chemical Engineering
UC Berkeley
Winfried WilckeWinfried Wilcke
Sr. Manager, Nanoscale, Science & Technology; Pgm Director, Silicon Valley
IBM Research Division
Paul V BraunBicontinuous Composite Electrodes for High Power and Energy Density Batteries
Paul V Braun
Professor of Materials Science and Engineering, University of Illinois
Kristoffer  StokesHigh Temperature Melt Integrity Battery Separator Development
Kristoffer Stokes
Research Scientist, Celgard LLC
 Thermoelectric Power
Siegmar Roth
Professor, Max Planck Institute
Lynden A.  ArcherElectrolytes and Electrode Systems for High Energy Batteries
Lynden A. Archer
Professor and Director, School of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, Cornell University
Karl  FroelichKarl Froelich
VP of New Business Development
Prieto Battery, Inc.
David  LashmoreDavid Lashmore
Co-Founder, Vice President & Chief Technology Officer

Symposium Sessions

Tuesday June 19

11:00 Energy Storage Keynotes & Innovation Spotlights
11:00 Efficiency & Green Building Corporate Interests
12:30 Networking Lunch - Expo
2:00 Energy Storage: Nanostructured Materials for Storage & Generation
4:30 Expo Reception and Poster Session I (4:30 - 6:30)
 Energy Storage & Novel Generation

Wednesday June 20

8:30 Energy Storage: Polymers for Battery Applications: Keynotes
8:30 TechConnect Corporate Partnering: Materials & Energy
10:30 TechConnect Corporate Partnering: Energy & Automotive
11:00 Composites: Composites in Energy Applications
12:30 Networking Lunch - Expo
1:00 NNI - Director’s Networking Session, National Nanotechnology Coordination Office
1:30 Exhibit and Poster Session II
 Energy Storage & Novel Generation
1:30 TechConnect IP Partnering: Aerospace, Defense, Transportation
1:30 TechConnect IP Partnering: Energy Innovations
2:00 CTSI Utility Technology Challenge
2:30 TechConnect IP Partnering: Material Energy Innovations
3:30 CTSI Utility Technology Challenge
5:30 TechConnect Innovation Showcase Reception
6:00 CTSI Utility Technology Challenge Awards and Reception

Thursday June 21

8:30 Advanced Capacitive & Power Devices I
11:00 Advanced Capacitive & Power Devices II
12:30 National Innovation Showcase - Networking Lunch (available for purchase)
1:00 TechConnect Start-Up Partnering: Energy Generation & Efficiency
2:30 TechConnect Start-Up Partnering: Energy Generation & Management
4:00 TechConnect Start-Up Partnering: Energy Storage & Harvesting
4:00 TechConnect National Innovation Showcase, Reception & Poster Session III
 Efficiency & Green Building

Symposium Program

Tuesday June 19

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11:00Energy Storage Keynotes & Innovation SpotlightsGrand Ballroom H
Session chair: Chris Menzel, Dimatix, US
11:00Progress in Energy Storage towards a Cleaner and Greener Grid
I. Gyuk, U.S. Department of Energy, US
11:30The IBM Battery 500 Lithium-Air Project
W. Wilcke, IBM, US
12:00Prieto Battery, Inc. - Developing A Solid State 3D Li-Ion Battery
K. Froelich, Prieto Battery, Inc., US (bio)
12:20All CNT Lithium Based Secondary Battery
D.S. Lashmore, M.W. Schauer and M. Gurau, Nanocomp Technologies, US (bio)
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11:00Efficiency & Green Building Corporate InterestsGreat America 2
Session chair: Brandon Tinianov, Northern CA Chapter President, USGBC, US
11:00Johnson Controls Building Efficiency: Strategic Technology Interests
A. Gadicherla, Johnson Controls, US
11:15Beyond the Basics – tackling the next layer of energy consumption
A. Marsh, Schneider Electric, CA
11:30A Path to Higher Performance in Existing Buildings
A. Kobb, Siemens Building Technologies, US
11:45Osram Sylvania - Technology Strategic Interests
A. Giacobbe, Osram Sylvania, US
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12:30Networking Lunch - ExpoExpo Hall AB
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2:00Energy Storage: Nanostructured Materials for Storage & GenerationGrand Ballroom H
Session chair: David Lashmore, NanoComp, US
2:00Extending Cycle Life of Nanostructured Silicon Anodes
J. Golightly, M. Isaacson, J. Bonilla, F. Chiu, Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company, US
2:20Graphene-based Electrodes for Next Generation Li Batteries
C. Martin, Vorbeck Materials Corp, US
2:40Tailoring Pt-Alloy Cluster Nanoparticles for Enhanced Electrocatalytic Activity
R. Balu, N. Roy Choudhury, N.K. Dutta, C.M. Elvin, A.J. Hill, University of South Australia, AU
3:00An Electron-Relay Prototype Supercapacitor Mimics Electrophorus Electricus’s Reversible Membrane Potential for Multiple-organ Discharge
E.T. Chen, C. Ngatchou, Advanced Biomimetic Sensors, Inc., US
3:20Specialty Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotubes for Advanced Li-ion Battery Cathodes
R. Prada Silvy, S. Conner, Y. Tan, J. Ferguson, A.J. Manning, SouthWest NanoTechnologies, US
3:40Synthesis of Core-Shell Based Artificial Nanodielectrics Via Scalable and Cost Effective Methods
R. Singh, N. Badi, University of Houston, US
4:00Novel Electrolytes for Lithium-Ion Batteries
M. Taige, T.J.S. Schubert, T.F. Beyersdorff, Iolitec Ionic Liquids Technologies GmbH, DE
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4:30Expo Reception and Poster Session I (4:30 - 6:30)Expo Hall AB
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Energy Storage & Novel Generation
-Rechargeable Lithium-ion Batteries For Wireless Smart Designs
F. Fusalba, CEA-LITEN, FR
-High Performance Solid State Battery Utilizing Solid Vitreous Electrolyte & Nano Materials for Electrodes
E. Shembel, V. Redko, T. Pastushkin, N. Klyui, V. Tutyk, A. Markevich, I. Maksuta, Enerize Corporation, US
-Co-Extrusion Printing for Low Cost and High Performance Energy Devices
E. Shrader, C. Cobb, PARC, a Xerox company, US
-All-solid-state polymer electrolyte with plastic crystal materials for rechargeable
E. Sheha, Benha University, EG
-Surface modification of nanocrystalline LiCoO2 particles with rare earth oxides using polymeric resin process
B. Nageswara Raoa, M. Venkateswarlub, N. Satyanarayana, PONDICHERRY UNIVERSITY, IN
-Characterization Methods for Performance and Safety Enhancement of Battery Materials
S. Patel, G. Mount and I. Mowat, Evans Analytical Group, US
-Effect of Volume Fraction of Intermetallic Phases on the Electrochemical Properties of Si1-xTix Alloys for Anode Materials
J.J. Jeong, H.J. Kwon, D.Y. Jeong, W-W Park, K.Y. Sohn, Inje University, KR
-Microstructures and Electrochemical Properties of Si1-xNix Alloys
D.Y. Jeong, J.J. Jeong, S.M. Bae, W-W Park, K.Y. Sohn, Inje Univercity, KR
-Microstructures and electrochemical properties of rapidly solidified Si-Cu-X alloys as anode for Li-ion batteries
H.J. Kwon, J-J Song, S.M. Bae, K.Y. Sohn, W-W Park, Inje University, KR
-Applications of Light Element X-ray Raman Spectroscopy and Hard X-ray Emission Spectroscopy to the Electronic Structure of Energy Storage Materials: Prospects and Initial Results from the Spectroscopy Program at SSRL
D. Sokaras, D. Nordlund, T.-C. Weng, SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory, US
-Novel highly active oxygen reduction reaction (ORR) catalysts for PEM fuel cells
S.H. Lim, L. Lai, Z. Luo, C.K. Poh, Z. Shen, J. Lin, Institute of Chemical and Engineering Sciences, SG
-Electrical conductivity studies of nanocrystalline Dy3+ doped SrMoO4 synthesised by sol-gel process
P. Jena, N. Nallamuthu, M. Venkateswarlu, N. Satyanarayana, Pondicherry University, IN
-Enhanced Efficiency Turbine
R. Hotto, EnergYield LLC, US
-Enabling renewable-energy driven reverse osmosis desalination using integrated compressed gas energy storage—bench-scale experiments and modeling
P. Mahajan, Y. Sun, D.A. Ladner, Clemson University, US
-Template Free Electrodeposition of ZnSb Nanotube Array Electrodes for Li-Ion Batteries
S. Saadata, Q. Yan, Nanyang Technological University, SG
-Flexible Printed Supercapacitors Based on Nanostructured Materials
S. Maleksaeedi, B.Y. Tay, P.S. Lee, J. Ma, F.K. Lai, C.W. Lu, Singapore Institute of Manufacturing Technology, SG
-Scalable 3- dimensional batteries
F. Roumi, C. Cid, M.R. Hoffmann, J. Roumi, California Institute of Technology, US

Wednesday June 20

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8:30Energy Storage: Polymers for Battery Applications: KeynotesGrand Ballroom H
Session chair: YuanQiao Rao, Dow Chemical Company, US
8:30Nanostructured Block Copolymers for All-Solid Lithium Batteries
N.P. Balsara, University of California, Berkeley, US
9:00High Temperature Melt Integrity Battery Separator Development
K. Stokes, Celgard LLC, US
9:30Bicontinuous Composite Electrodes for High Power and Energy Density Batteries
P.V. Braun, University of Illinois, US
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8:30TechConnect Corporate Partnering: Materials & EnergyRoom 210
Session chair: Goran Matijasevic, UC Irvine, US
8:30Bayer MaterialScience Innovation Partnering
K. Haider, Bayer MaterialScience, US
8:50Toray Industries-America Innovation Partnering
T. Yamashiki, Toray, US
9:10Dow Innovation Partnering
P. Ansems-Bancroft, Dow, US
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10:30TechConnect Corporate Partnering: Energy & AutomotiveRoom 210
Session chair: Brian Shedd, UCLA, US
10:30Schlumberger Innovation Partnering
J. Wong, Schlumberger, US
10:50Honda Innovation Partnering
C. Fau, Honda, US
11:10Hyundai Innovation Partnering
J. Suh, Hyundai Ventures, US
11:30bp Ventures
I. Dairanieh, bp Ventures, US
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11:00Composites: Composites in Energy ApplicationsGrand Ballroom H
Session chair: Thomas Twardowski, US
11:00Electrolytes and Electrode Systems for High Energy Batteries
L.A. Archer, Cornell University, US
11:30Influence of adsorbed species on the electronic transport in nanocomposites materials for lithium batteries
J.-C. Badot, K.A. Seid, O. Dubrunfaut, S. Levasseur, D. Guyomard, B. Lestriez, CNRS, FR
11:50Graphene/Carbon nanotube (CNT) Reinforced Nanocomposites for Energy Storage Sustainable Buildings
R. Singh, N. Badi, M. Hobosyan, K. Martirosyan, University of Houston, US
12:10Thermoelectric Power Generators Based on Carbon Nanotube Networks
S. Roth, Korea University, KR (bio)
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12:30Networking Lunch - ExpoExhibit Hall AB
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1:00NNI - Director’s Networking Session, National Nanotechnology Coordination OfficeExhibit Hall A
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1:30Exhibit and Poster Session IIExhibit Hall AB
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Energy Storage & Novel Generation
-Effect of support acidity on coke removal in methane CO2 reforming
J. Ni, L. Chen, S. Kawi, J. Lin, Institute of Chemical and Engineering Sciences, Singapore, SG
-Solar Thermochemical Water-Splitting for H2 Generation Using Sol-Gel Derived Ferrite Nanomaterials
R.R. Bhosale, X. Pasala, S. Yelakanti, J.A. Puszynski, R.V. Shende, South Dakota School of Mines & Technology, US
-Photocatalytic Water-Splitting and Aqueous Phase Biomass Reforming for H2 Production
V. Buddineni, A. Shende, M. Hussein, A. Kawde, J.A. Puszynski, R.V. Shende, South Dakota School of Mines & Technology, US
-Hydrogen permeation in pipeline steels
E. Fallahmohammadi, F. Bolzoni, G. Fumagalli, G. Re, L. Lazzari, politecnico di milano, IT
-NaBH4 in solidified aluminosilicate gel: a new hydrogen storage with interesting properties
J.-Ch. Buhl, L. Schomborg, C.H. Rüscher, Leibniz University Hannover, DE
-Properties of nonpremixed ammonia-substituted hydrogen-air flames
J.M. Joo, D.H. Um, O.C. Kwon, Sungkyunkwan University, KR
-Betavoltaic Indirect Conversion Radioisotope (BICOR)Battery: A Long-life Power Generator and Harvester for Defense, Aerospace, Medical, Counter-terrorism, Bio-technology & Medicine
U. Ortabasi, United Innovations, Inc., US
-Challenges in Thermal Energy Storage for Solar Power Plants
L. Wibbenmeyer, T. Smith, J. Craig, Abener / Abengoa, US
-BioGenerator – a Novel Bio-Technology for the Conversion of Hydrogen to Electricity
D. Karamanev, University of Western Ontario, CA
-Overview of Recent Policy Changes in Electricity Markets for Integrating Emerging Energy Storage Technologies
R. Walawalkar, J. DeRosa, R. Chintapalli, Customized Energy Solutions, US
-Save Hawai‘i...Save the Planet
J. Barlow, Power Alternative, US
-Ab initio study on calcium-doped graphane for hydrogen storage
T. Hussain, Uppsala University, SE
-Rotaxane-based Two Dimensional Structure; Self-assembled New Platform for Metal Organic Framework
C.W. Lim, S.H. Kim, Kyung Hee University, KR
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1:30TechConnect IP Partnering: Aerospace, Defense, TransportationRoom 212
Session chair: Christian Fau, Honda, Reviewer: Steve Sinton, Lockheed Martin, US (invited)
1:30Pressure Adaptive Honeycomb
A. Spitz, KU Center for Technology Commercialization, Inc. (KUCTC), US
1:40Streamlined Design of High-speed bus(Coach) for Fuel Economy and CO2 Reduction Clean Technology/Vehicle/Transportation Application
C.H. Kim, SNU of Science & Technology, KR
1:50Highly Durable Thermal Barrier Coatings for Use in Turbine Engines
D. Lozofsky, UCSB Technology & Industry Alliances, US
2:00ZeroWire CE Wireless
B. Rake, Esker Technologies, US
2:10Broadband On Aircraft (BOA)
D. Johnson, 5-D Systems, Inc., US
2:20LiquidPiston Engine
A. Shkolnik, LiquidPiston, Inc., US
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1:30TechConnect IP Partnering: Energy InnovationsRoom 207
Session chair: George Petracek, Atrium Capital, Reviewer: Eric Daniels, Bosch, US
1:30Metallic Nano-antenna arrays for light sensing and harvesting of solar energy
L. Loev, Ramot at Tel Aviv University, Ltd., IL
1:40Light Trapping Laminate for Ultra-Thin PV Cells
S. Vasylyev, SVV Technology Innovations, Inc. (SVVTI), US
1:50Light Absorbing Polymeric Material for Organic Photovoltaic Devices
J. Azoulay, UCSB Technology & Industry Alliances, US
2:00Microalgae harvesting with a simple, low cost process
E. Hockert, University of Minnesota, US
2:10Acidophilic Fungus for Biofuel Production and Additional Industrial Uses
G. Bloomer, Montana State University Technology Transfer, US
2:20Plant Oils to Jet Fuel and other High Value Chemicals
G. Bloomer, Montana State University Technology Transfer, US
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2:00CTSI Utility Technology ChallengeGreat America J
Session chair: Patti Glaza, Arsenal Venture Partners, US
2:00Nextek Power
P. Savage, Nextek Power, US
A. Dillon, Varentec, US
2:24DERP Technologies
R. Lank, DERP Technologies, US
Z. Gentry, Enlighted, US
S. Shah, FirstFuel, US
3:00Primus Power
T. Stepien, Primus Power, US
3:12Pythagoras Solar
U. Paret, Pythagoras Solar, US
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2:30TechConnect IP Partnering: Material Energy InnovationsRoom 201
Session chair: Purnesh Seegopaul, Pangaea Ventures, Reviewers: Karl Froelich, Prieto Battery, Eric Hanson, Aculon, US
2:30Graphene as Intermediate Layer in Tandem Solar Cell
T. Chong, National University of Singapore, SG
2:40Hollow Nanoparticles as Active and Durable Catalysts
K. Elcess, Brookhaven National Laboratory, US
2:50Catalysis of Biogas Production
B. Kogon, ICN - Institut Catala De Nanotecnologia, ES
3:00Regenerable Sorbent Technique for Capturing CO2 Using Immobilized Amine Sorbents
G. Darakos, URS Corporation at the National Energy Technology Laboratory, US
3:10Catalyst for hydrocarbon steam reforming and efficient hydrogen production for solid oxide fuel cells
R. Singh, Innovate Calgary, CA
3:20Energy Harvesting System with Piezoelectric Polymer
T. Nakajima, Tokyo University of Science, JP
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3:30CTSI Utility Technology ChallengeGreat America J
Session chair: Patti Glaza, Arsenal Venture Partners, US
M. Kaplan, Retroficiency, US
B. Singh, WegoWise, US
3:42Xergy, Inc.
R. Williams, Xergy, Inc., US
3:54Simple Energy
Y. Lurie, Simple Energy, US
4:06Luon Energy
N. Luo, Luon Energy, US
4:18Ideal Power Converters
P. Bundschuh, Ideal Power Converters, US
R. Brody, SustainX, US
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5:30TechConnect Innovation Showcase ReceptionExpo Hall CD
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6:00CTSI Utility Technology Challenge Awards and ReceptionExpo Theater 1
Session chair: Patti Glaza, Arsenal Venture Partners, US

Thursday June 21

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8:30Advanced Capacitive & Power Devices IGrand Ballroom H
Session chair: Bob Doering, Texas Instruments & Frank Register, University of Texas, US
8:30Review of Carbon Nanostructures in Supercapacitors
S. Arepalli, Sungkyunkwan University, KR (bio)
9:00Advances in High Power and Energy Density Supercapacitors Utilizing Metal-Like Conductive Polymer Electrodes
Y-G Kim, Crosslink, US
9:30Electrolytic Titanium/Titanate Power Capacitors
G.E. Welsch, Titanium Power Technologies / Case Western Reserve University, US
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11:00Advanced Capacitive & Power Devices IIGrand Ballroom H
Session chair: Bob Doering, Texas Instruments & Frank Register, University of Texas, US
11:00High Energy Density Supercapacitor Based on a Hybrid Carbon Nanotube - Reduced Graphite Oxide Architecture
E. Bekyarova, P. Ramesh, N. Jha, M.E. Itkis, R.C. Haddon, Carbon Solutions Inc, US
11:20Computationally motivated design strategies for supercapacitors based on 3D nanographene carbon aerogels
B.C. Wood, T. Ogitsu, J. Lee, M. Otani, T. Baumann, M. Stadermann, M.A. Worsley, M. Suss, A. Wittstock, M. Merrill, J. Biener, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, US
11:40Electrospun Carbon nanofibers-Based Supercapacitors
Z.P. Zhou, North Dakota State University, US
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12:30National Innovation Showcase - Networking Lunch (available for purchase)Expo Hall CD
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1:00TechConnect Start-Up Partnering: Energy Generation & EfficiencyExpo Theater 1
Session chair: David Novak, Inventis Group, US
1:00High Efficiency Solid State Lighting
G. Powch, VerLASE Technologies, new subsidiary Versatilis LLC, US
1:10Solar Roofing
S. Amirkhanian, MAS-USA, US
1:20Transparent Photovoltaics for windows and mobile electronics
B. Howe, Ubiquitous Energy, Inc., US
1:30High Efficiency Rooftop Solar
Z. Abrams, Strider Solar, US
1:40Bio-based Chemicals from Carbon-rich Waste
L. Dyson, Kiverdi, Inc., US
1:50Cellulosic sugar
A. Manesh, American Science and Technology Corporation, US
2:00LENR (Low Energy Nuclear Reactions) Power Source--A New Green Technology
G. Miley, Lenuco, US
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2:30TechConnect Start-Up Partnering: Energy Generation & ManagementExpo Theater 1
Session chair: Cheemin Bo-Linn, Peritus Partners, US
2:30Integrated Energy Efficiency System and Environmental Certificate Harvester for K-12 Schools and Universities
L. Ivie, Dragonfly Solutions, Inc., US
2:40Ballistic Breaker™
R. Faulkner, Ballistic Breaker Corporation, US
2:50Low cost nanostructured coatings fabrication technology
B. Kobrin, Rolith, Inc., US
3:00Dyverga Energy Corporation
H. Godwin, Dyverga Energy Corporation, CA
3:10Energy Scavenging Power Supply (ESPS)
A. Manesh, American Science and Technology Corporation, US
3:20EXACTER Conditions-Based Analysis System for Electric Transmission and Distribution Networks
J. Lauletta, Exacter, Inc., US
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4:00TechConnect Start-Up Partnering: Energy Storage & HarvestingExpo Theater 1
Session chair: Patti Glaza, Arsenal Venture Partners, US
4:00Rail Flex - Mechanical Motion Rectifier
H. Mariano, Harvest Energy, US
4:10High Performance Robotic Electric Vehicle Charger
K. Leary, PowerHydrant, US
4:20Smart Battery
T. Collins, KleenSpeed Technologies Inc., US
4:30High Performance, Low Cost, Solid State, Flexible Batteries
E. Shembel, Enerize Corporation, US
4:40Thermal Matrix Energy Storage (TMES)
S. Sutherland, Kelvin Storage Technologies, Inc., US
4:50High energy, high power titanium-based electrolytic capacitor materials
G. Welsch, Titanium Power Technologies, US
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4:00TechConnect National Innovation Showcase, Reception & Poster Session IIIExpo Hall CD
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Efficiency & Green Building
-Acoustic Power Recovery System for Thermoacoustic Cooling
D.E. Schwartz, S.R. Garner, J.R. Johnson, A.V. Tuganov, PARC, a Xerox company, US
-Innovative Green Roofing System
S. Amirkhanian, R. Tafferallo, MAS - USA, US
-Performance and Potential Applications of Direct Expansion Ground Source Heat Pump systems for Building Energy
A.M. Omer, University of Nottingham, UK
-Passive solar design features for a zero energy home in Babylon, Iraq
A. Al-Qaraguli, H. Alguriny, O. Chong, D. Gibbs, L. Coplen, McKissack, US
-Passive and active Solar Systems for High Schools in Babylon- Iraq: Design and Economic Study
A. Al-Qaragouli, H. Alguriny, O. Ching, R. Gibbs, L. Coplen, McKissack, US
-Technologies for Deep Reductions in Military Operational Energy Use
R. Brown, T. Sharp, M. Lindsey, S. Kiser, K. Andrews, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, US
-Sodium Clusters for a Superior Light Source
H. Gokturk, Ecoken, US
-Multiple-Stage, Multiple-Objective (MSMO) Optimization, Systems Engineering and High-Performance Sustainable Building
A. Robinson, V. Chen, S. Ferreira, Energy and Resource Technology HUB, US

Special Symposium

This symposium focuses on advanced and emerging technologies across the entire energy storage, novel generation and energy distribution space with emphasis on commercially viable research and development efforts. The event provides a unique opportunity to discuss and highlight new materials and approaches. The attending utility and corporate community is looking for the top technologies for potential corporate co-development and pilot test opportunities. Please join the technology innovation and integration leaders in energy storage and energy distribution!

Topics & Application Areas

  • Nanostructured & Advanced Materials for Storage & Generation
  • Batteries & Electrochemcial Storage
  • Supercapacitors & Magenetic Storage
  • Fuelcell Technologies & Applications
  • Membrane Technologies
  • Hydrogen Generation & Production Methods
  • Hydrogen Storage
  • Hydrogen Applications
  • Microscale Power Generation & Harvesting
  • Nanoscale Power Generation
  • Super Conducting Technologies & Applications
  • Novel Storage Technologies & Applications
  • Other

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