The TN50 is a product that economically generates electricity from low temperature heat. We have an exclusive license from Ohio State University for a patented expander technology, called a Trochoidal Gear Engine (TGE), which is more efficient, cost effective, and durable than existing technologies. Our customers convert less than 300 degree F heat sources into electricity at various scales from 1kW to eventually as large as 250kW, often with less than a two-year payback. Our working 5kW systems demonstrate the efficiencies we can achieve. Currently, almost 15 quadrillion BTUs of low temperature energy in the US is considered waste. The heat sources can be in industrial settings, in commercial buildings, from solar thermal collectors, geothermal sources, biomass, microturbines or other combustion engines. The worldwide market to economically turn this low temperature heat into electricity and achieve greater energy efficiency is estimated at more than $78 billion. Our first commercial product is a fully functional 50kW system, including a full Organic Rankine Cycle that can be dropped into a site and hooked up with four hoses and an electrical wire output. This system is: economical, achieving a two year payback at $0.10/kWh; modular, so that it can fit anywhere in a customer’s site; and non-disruptive to our customers activity with easy installation and long-term durability. Our systems have no emissions and our early customers will be using the electrical output for their base load operations, which means there are minimal issues regarding grid connection. Our novel expander provides the lowest cost, highest efficiency way to turn low temperature heat into electricity. Other expanders in the ORC are either expensive or inefficient, and other non-ORC technologies do not approach our economics at our sizes and temperature ranges.