EchoGen Power Systems

A power generation cycle for waste heat recovery in the power generation industry, using supercritical CO2 (ScCO2) as the working fluid. EchoGen’s Thermafficient energy recovery systems, inspired by a patented absorption heat pump developed at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, utilizes ScCO2 and range of absorbent fluids to create power generating cycles in applications as broad as bottom cycling in gas turbines, industrial waste heat recovery, solar thermal, geothermal, and hybrid alternatives to the internal combustion engine. Further patent-pending technologies developed by EchoGen enable the system to operate using a broader range of heat sources while maximizing system pressure differential to create a significant amount of energy, which is extracted through a turbo-expander and alternator to generate electricity. The heat engine consists of five main components: waste heat and regenerative heat exchangers, condenser, system pump, and expander. Ancillary components provide system monitoring and control. Heat energy is introduced through a waste heat exchanger. Heated ScCO2 passes through a turbo-expander where enthalpy gain from heating is converted into mechanical shaft work to produce electricity. The regenerator recycles residual heat while unconverted heat is discharged from the system through a water or air-cooled condenser.