XTreme Power


Xtreme Power engineers, manufactures and operates a digital energy management and manipulation system called the Dynamic Power Resource (DPR) that serves as a grid asset by storing and distributing renewable resources (IE wind or solar). Maximizing existing grid capacity requires the utilization of storage to mitigate uncertainty and provide stability. In addition to converting variable wind and solar generated power into consistent streams of energy, the DPR, as a primary source of responsive reserves, can increase by as much as 70% the amount of renewable energy delivered to the grid. The DPR also performs ancillary services while reducing emissions more cost effectively than a simple cycle gas generator or “peaker.” In storing energy during non-peak periods for use during times of maximum energy consumption, the DPR enables owners to capture the maximum amount of power output from their systems at a lower lifecycle cost than its competitors. Additionally, the DPR’s vigilant system monitoring allows the grid operator to detect output disturbances as they happen, and to respond to these issues before they become costly problems.