E3 Greentech Enterprises


E3 is a fully hosted web-based services solution offering an Advanced HAN and Home Energy Management Operating System (HEMOS) installed in the premise and linked through the web to a remote Energy Efficiency Center and Knowledge Data Warehouse managed by E3. The E3 system operates automatically and continuously in the background “hands free” to eliminate energy waste and optimize energy usage within guidelines agreed and set by the consumer during E3’s installation process. E3’s unique software delivers an intelligent system and knowledge warehouse that learns consumer behavior and using E3’s technology dynamically adapts to optimize energy use and costs within the home to meet the consumer’s needs rather than attempting to control or modify consumer behavior. HEMOS continuously assesses the performance of premise HVAC systems, lighting, water heaters, refrigeration, major appliances and other equipment and takes action automatically to both eliminate energy waste and “tune” these major energy consuming devices optimizing their energy efficiency performance to save energy. The E3 HEMOS is comprised of a networked array of 22 self-configuring, plug and play, enhanced sensors/controllers communicating to one another through a local area network. The HEMOS array includes a plug-in computer which is capable of operating several wired and wireless communication protocols and able to speak to installed meters, programmable communicating thermostats, in-home energy management displays, smart appliances, distributed generation and storage technologies. A consumer web-based portal offers feedback and insights on energy usage and advice.