Power Tagging


The company developed a patent pending technology for tagging or fingerprinting energy on of generation and as far downstream as the point of consumption, providing grid resident bi-directional communications. These tags have metadata associated with them, effectively creating a purpose-built network that operates over the global power grid. This network is fully compatible with IPv6 addressing schemes and other network protocols broadly found on the grid. Power Tagging’s technology allows the injection of a persistent, fully encrypted digital signal into the electric distribution grid. A unique benefit of this technology is that it makes any load on the grid schematically aware or Grid Location Aware™. This information is compiled into a useful structure via the VirtuGrid™ database that represents a real-time self-updating virtual image of the schematic layout of the grid. This feature enables several new applications in the Smart Grid space including: enhanced Conservation Voltage Reduction, Volt/VAR optimization, self-updating schematic maps of the grid, accurate down to the specific phase, automated fault isolation and resolution, electric vehicle integration and roaming solutions, and cyber security.