NovaThermal Energy

NovaThermal Energy’s waste heat geothermal technology saves large commercial buildings up to 60% in heating and cooling costs. Our system combines a geothermal heat pump with a patented filtration device to transfer heat energy directly from wastewater for commercial HVAC applications. Traditional urban geothermal systems utilize deep standing column wells (1,500-2,000 ft depth) to access groundwater as the source of heat exchange. The deep groundwater is a heat source in the winter and heat sink in the summer. However, deep standing column wells are costly, technically complicated, and often suffer from installation or operational failure, meaning the system’s capacity can serve buildings no larger than 100,000 sq ft. NovaThermal Energy solves this problem by tapping into the municipal sewer, leveraging pre-existing public infrastructure to create a geothermal loop. Identical to a traditional system, we use the wastewater flow as a heat source in the winter and heat sink in the summer. By eliminating first-cost and failure risk, we make geothermal feasible for an untapped market-- large buildings in urban areas.