Minesto’s Deep Green concept is based on a new principle for electricity generation from tidal and ocean currents. The principle is embodied in a specific power station design. Deep Green enables imitation of a fast moving stream in a low velocity site, giving high efficiency while keeping all the benefits of operating in slow currents. Deep Green technology converts energy from the stream flows into electricity by way of a principle somewhat similar to the posture of a wind kite. A tether to a fixed point on the ocean bed attaches the kite assembly consisting of a wing and turbine. Hydrodynamic forces on the kite, caused by the ocean current, creates a lift force and makes the kite move transverse to the flow with ten times higher speed than the actual velocity. The relative velocity entering the turbine is thereby increased by a factor of ten. The turbine converts the kinetic energy into electrical power. The high velocity eliminates the need for a gearing system, reducing the generator size and total size and overall cost of the entire assembly. Generated electricity is transmitted onshore through a power cable integrated into the tether. The tether structure also incorporates power feed and control cables.