EnerVault’s systems will make clean, renewable energy resources dispatchable, increasing asset ROI for wind and solar farm owners. Additionally, EnerVault’s battery energy storage systems (BESS) lower the cost of clean electricity for large-scale industrial and commercial facilities, enhance grid stability, and provide clean, high surety back-up for industrial sites, commercial facilities, and utilities. EnerVault’s product platform is based on a proven Redox Flow Battery (RFB) chemistry selected after an extensive technical evaluation process that provides its systems with inherent safety, robustness, operational flexibility, manufacturability, and potential for low total cost. A patented stack and system design enables the use of low-cost materials, simplifies operation thereby reducing controls complexity, and also improves efficiency. As EnerVault’s platform is based on a true RFB design, it provides the maximum flexibility in sizing system power and energy appropriately for the target application from a common building block. This true RFB design enables the lowest possible cost of incremental capacity and a high cycle life. EnerVault’s systems are modular at power levels of 250 kW and energy levels of 1,000-1,500 kWh. The systems are packaged in transportation containers and interconnected at 480VAC to minimize on-site installation time. Solar systems can be connected at 600 V DC. Shipping complexity is reduced as only a single electrolyte is supplied to the site via conventional tanker truck. The simplified electrolyte system also makes moving the entire system after several years of operation more practical. The transportability and 400 ft2/MWh footprint meet EPRI guidelines for utility substation deferral applications.