Ballard Power Systems

The product/solution is a multi MW Fuel Cell Generator that provides power to the grid, or reduces internal power consumption, by utilizing by-product hydrogen fuel from chemical plants that might otherwise be vented and wasted or used to offset natural gas use. With the hydrogen by-product stream from the chemical plant used as the input fuel to the generator, no additional natural resources are required to produce the continuous supply of clean electricity; there are no local air pollutants or greenhouse gas emissions from the fuel cell plant, making it a true net zero impact source of electricity. The zero emission Fuel Cell Generator is based on a 1 MW building block, comprised of 3 x 333 kW banks that can be shut down independently for service and/or hot swap capability while the rest of the plant delivers uninterrupted power to the grid. This independent bank design is a key feature of the platform to enable high plant availability. One of the key benefits of Ballard’s PEM fuel cell generator is the ability to start-up and shut down rapidly, and to dynamically ramp power production according to the load requirements. A purification module is be provided with the fuel cell generator, in order to ensure that the hydrogen entering the fuel cell generator does not contain contaminants that impact either fuel cell lifetime or performance. The core technology in the generator is a proton exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cell, Ballard’s FCgenTM-1300. One of the key advantages of utilizing the FCgenTM-1300 as the building block for the distributed power generation market is that it is used in telecom back-up power applications in India; the volume demand for this market will help to drive down the cost of the fuel cell stack for distributed power generation.