EcoFactor is a SaaS-based, residential energy management solution that works with any two-way communicating thermostat and a broadband Internet connection to develop a dynamic, customized and optimal heating and cooling strategy for each home.

EcoFactor’s unique value proposition is how it collects, analyzes and then acts upon a large quantity of information about the home including, all aspects of HVAC performance, occupant behavior - schedules, temperature preferences, constantly changing weather conditions, and the relationship between the temperatures inside and outside the home. The result is a comprehensive understanding of how much energy is needed to effectively heat and cool the home. EcoFactor’s technology then translates this into heating and cooling strategies it implements automatically, providing overall reductions in HVAC energy usage and increased savings, while maintaining the comfort level the inhabitants are accustomed to.

Through EcoFactor’s partner program, cable operators, HVAC industry leaders and others who want to deliver a money-saving energy efficiency program to their customers now have the opportunity to do so quickly and effortlessly.