7 AC Technologies


We license a novel air conditioning technology from NREL that uses a liquid desiccant to dehumidify air. The desiccant absorbs moisture through a membrane so that cool dry air is delivered to a building space. The AC unit is set up as a DOAS and is retrofit-able to existing buildings. A hybrid solar collector provides electricity and heat to the unit. The collector’s electricity is fed 20% to the AC unit and 80% to the building. The heat is fed to the SolarDOAS and is used for direct air heating in winter and for desiccant regeneration in summer. AC electricity consumption is reduced by 75-85%, heating cost is reduced by 50-60%. The payback is typically 1-2 years without the collectors (natural gas fired) or 3-5 years with the collectors. Collectors are being developed for the US army for use in remote basis.