QM Power

Parallel Path Magnetic Technology (PPMT™) uses a new magnetic circuit design that can substantially reduce cost and improve performance for almost any application utilizing electric motors, generators or actuators. QM Power has invented and patented a magnetic circuit which realizes the weight and volume benefits of displacing field coils with permanent magnets while increasing torque and efficiency by increasing gap flux densities to those of a field wound motor. QM Power has integrated this breakthrough technology into both permanent magnet and non-permanent magnet designs as well as axial and radial flux configurations. PPMT™ is an advanced magnetic force control technology that is capable of significantly improving all electro-mechanical devices. PPMT™ products have higher power density and reliability, run cooler, are much lighter, smaller and lower cost and operate far more efficiently over a wider power range than conventional/existing AC or DC electric motors, generators and actuators. Since PPMT™ has the ability to provide greater energy efficiency for a broad range of both power generation and electric consumption applications, it has the ability to reduce global energy requirements and global carbon dioxide emissions and coal fired electricity production requirements by at least 10-20%.