PVT Solar


The EchoTM Solar System is an air-based PV/Thermal solar system that captures waste heat from the PV array and uses it to provide water heating, home heating along with home cooling and ventilation. As an air-based system, Echo eliminates many difficulties associated with water-based systems – installation does not require plumbers on the roof or roofers to become plumbers. Echo is a BIPV technology that is aesthetically desirable on new and existing homes. Its mechanical systems are fully packaged and designed as a ‘solar appliances’. Each system includes a central controller that provides continuous control to optimize energy production. The controller also integrates control of the home’s thermostat to implement pre-cooling strategies that reduce peak demand and preheating strategies that provide greater efficiency. Additionally, the system is capable of implementing expanded demand management using strategies such as control of water heater element, pool pump and compressor cycling. Each system includes a graphical user interface that provides electrical and thermal generation information to the owner, as well as how the thermal energy is used in the home. The user interface also allows the consumer to define temperature comfort bands that provide the range for pre-cooling and preheating strategies. The system is PV module agnostic and can accommodate any size PV module desired by the consumer. Each system includes racking, an inverter, an energy transfer module, a controller and a consumer graphical user interface that pulls system-operating data from a remote enterprise data server.