PRD Tech

Most utilities own old gas oil sites that have to be excavated to prevent ground water contamination. During excavation, volatile organics are emitted that result in odor complaints from neighbors and possible exposure of human receptors to toxic compounds. Traditional methods of determining ambient air concentrations of volatile compounds at receptor sites involved collecting air samples using summa canisters, which using EPA standard TO-15 method, would give the air concentrations at one point during the sampling time period. Making these measurements at multiple points and at multiple times involves considerable cost, due to the need for handling large number of summa canisters, and sending them for analysis to a remote laboratory. The Sequential Automatic Tube Sampler (SATS) system uses multiple adsorption tubes and takes air samples automatically at set time periods, thereby enabling air samples to be taken at a given location but during multiple time periods. The SATS system can be set to sample each adsorbent tube for time ranging from 1 second to several hours. The adsorbent tubes, which are significantly cheaper than summa canisters, can be subsequently analyzed for multiple contaminants using the EPA standard TO-17 method. This SATS sampler gives utilities to get multiple air samples at multiple time periods thereby giving some confidence that multiple receptor sites have been sampled to determine possible odor complaints and contaminant exposure.