Parker Hannifin Corporation

Thermal management of power electronics such as IGBT’s, SCR, GTO’s and transformers is a limiting factor for boosting their performance. Our technology is revolutionary by using a vaporizable dielectric fluid and allowing it to boil across the base of the silicon. We have proven that this technology increases the power density by at least 40% and is analogous to a turbocharger on an internal combustion engine. We have successfully demonstrated cooling a medium voltage transformer and removed 110% more heat than the current method. This unit has a 50,000lb silicon steel core and by using our technology we will be able to decrease the size by 25-30%. Our cooling technology also reduces IGBT thermal cycling resulting in longer mean time between failures of the power semiconductors. This technology is currently being deploy in a grid tie stabilization project for a major utility where we both increased the power density and shrunk the footprint of the power management system. A 1MW system now fits within on power rack. This technology eliminates de-rating, it is maintenance free, there is no need to de-rate for colder temperatures, it does not freeze and should a leak occur the fluid is non reactive to the electronics.